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Business on the web,IT Consultants,Web Data Solutions,PDA Software,Signature capture,Web Database,Logins,Secure data,secure websites,business software

T-Tech Digital

With over 35 years of business experience, and 20 years involvement with software development and Internet Technology,
We have both the experience and the skills required to develop intelligent bespoke database solutions
to get your business working to its full potential on the Internet.

We develop corporate and small business solutions for the Internet including..:-

Secure and Encrypted Data Solutions

Security enabled Websites with multiple user levels and secure logins

Data Processing and reports.

Relational Databases, for Customers and Staff

Accounting and numeric processing


Order Tracking, and Customer web login

Data Entry

Document processing systems and scanning

Call Centre systems, inbound and outbound

Integration of Hand Held Computers and Laptops,
allowing employees to work from Home or on the Road,
Including signature capture, and photo capture from mobile phone or PDA

We can develop anything from a simple on-line appointments diary,
to a major corporate infrastructure.

Whatever your requirement for Business Intenet Technology
We can provide a solution, at a sensible price, and in a sensible timescale.

Most importantly we don't employ salespeople, we are a small team of dedicated professionals, based in the north of England,
and we have real life experience of business, and understand the issues involved in running a business.
We don't sell, we design and develop.... and we tell it like it is... not how we think you want to hear it..!

Our favourite compliment, often said by our customers is:-

"You are nothing like IT guys"

This website cannot possibly give any indication of the complexity of what we do, so..

Please give Andy Torkington a call on 01253 760101

and we'll tell you what we can do to help your business.
( and show you some of our previous work)

Business on the web, IT Consultants, Web Data Solutions, PDA Software, Signature capture, Web Database, Logins, Secure data, secure websites ,business software

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